What we do:

We pack events with attendees, vendors, and sponsor

Event Brand Agency (Formally OohFlex.com) is an event promotional company that provides experiential marketing for direct sales and engagement. We produce amazing themed events that are packed with attendees, vendors, and sponsors. Many of our events are well known can be duplicated in your city under the same name netting you basically the same results… a ton of people. The event tour is coming to a city near you very soon.

Each event is carefully named, marketed and produced to yield the same successful results. The vendors are maintained by our team before and during the event. The sponsorships are managed to assure that you generate revenue in exchange for your co-marketing efforts. We bring a team of event coordinators and promotional marketing experts to enhance your event.

The bottom line, we bring results that are measurable from a local park that holds 4,000 people to an arena that holds 40,000.

When you want the most success from an event, Event Brand Agency has the team and expertise.


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