Catching Cash! 

We drop your coupons, gift cards, redemption vouchers for giveaways and yes, our CASH into the machine.Then, we start it up and it spins around like a hurricane throwing cash and vouchers like clothes in the dryer. Attendees are drawn to it and they can’t help but sign up for a chance to get in and grab their share of it all. They are mesmerized by the spinning and the chance of winning. 

It’s FREE for attendees to sign up. They can register for the opportunity to grab as much as they can in 30 seconds. Upon registration, we collect information and allow them to check boxes to request offers from our sponsors and partners. 

Hundreds if not thousands of leads come pouring in for us to share marketing offers with at a later time. Plus, we place our sponsors brand around the attraction for the entire event.

Our team will be working on your behalf to generating leads for all for your business. While generating leads, we will be handout your marketing material, giveaways (Sun Glasses, T-shirts etc) so that everyone feels like a winner. 

Try us for 1 event and see how amazing our marketing is and how it helps you increase your business.