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Putting your brand on the spot
oOHFlex is connected to over 350,000 events per year

One Stop Sponsorship for Multiple Events

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Once your brand is built, we promote your signage at some of the coolest events!

  • Measurable Results
  • Flexible Moving Media
  • Local Geo Targetted Leads
  • Grab bag stuffing
  • Zip Code Targetted Marketing
  • Video marketing
  • Photo Booth & Social Tags

   Branding Options

  • Logo Design Competition
  • Landing Page Setup
  • WordPress Website
  • Social Media Marketing


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We can handle all of your branding

OOH = Out Of Home Media.  Flex = Flexible on the move media and marketing

Step 1

Connect with a media consultant

Step 2

Send over your logo and any company images

Step 3

Enter next Promo business

Cycle starts : 7/2017

A unique media and brand marketing company

More engaging than billboards

Billboards are great but they can’t engage your customers, answers multiple questions and hand out samples, flyers and coupons. Our advertising is ground floor, engaging and more effective than billboards alone. Each event retuns measurable results.

Brand Building

Your brand will be represented at local events, festivals, concerts, conferences and sporting competitions and more. Our media team keeps your brand moving monthly through multiple events to increase your brand awarness.

Creative Campaigns

We work with our design team to create the ads that make clients pay attention. Each add is designed to stop customers in their tracks and get them talking with the ambassadors. From funny to outrages to clever, each design is specficially for your brand.

Promotional Brand Marketing

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