Music Marketing & Branding

Cool Brands, Direct Target Market, Hip Fans

oOHFlex puts your brand in front of a memorible audiance. 

Branding Building Event

Building a brand tied to music by hosting an event at your cafe’, coffee house, club or restaurant is a great way to grow your business. We will bring the talent and the customers to help pack your location with customers. Additionally, everywhere our artist perform, they will take your brand with them in the form of an X banner.

  • Ticket branding
  • Early exclusive ticket sales
  • Festival naming rights
  • Venue branding
  • Backstage access
  • Social media integration
  • Live stream branding
  • Exclusive photo booth branding and engagement

Social Media Mentions and Likes

They will encourage their fans to become fans of yours and encouraging customers to support your business during the show and through social media platforms. As the local artist grows, so does your brand and their loyalty for your early support.

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2 Days a month, our artist will perform at your venue to help you increase business. Additionally, they will carry your marketing X banner with them to other events in the local area.