oOH Flex Partnering Request

Strategic Partnership

Note: As of November 1st, 2017 our new pricing model is a 50/50 revenue split with our new partners. 

oOHFlex is a wholesale advertising agency with a team of graphic designers, sales consultants and multiple ad locations around the country. We manage the ad placement process while our partners and locations generate all the profit. We are an indoor flexible digital stand-alone billboard company. Because our designs are flexible, they fit into high traffic areas where potential customer engage. We ship worldwide with ready-made pre-approved designs and messages for each location. Our ads appear at film festivals, concerts, malls, community and corporate events. We have access to over 350,000 events nationwide to cross-promote each ad. 

Digital Network –  Rotating Ads on one screen

Digital Network: Our digital network is based on a television screen(s) installed at your location which rotating ads. We rotate your content (prices, hours of operation, menus etc. plus pre-approved ads. All while you generate the profit. You can even set the ad price based on our guidance. We will manage the entire process and send you the profits.

We manage the tv installation, set up the ads (graphic design, loading content), manage the daily rotation of each ad, collect the payments and manage all customer support. Essentially, your location could be worth thousands to you each month and all you have to do is let the screen ads roll during your business hours.

Below is our Banner Network. Individual ads can be promoted.

The Network

The power of oOHFLex is its expanding network and flexibility. Our network is all about location, location, location. Our clients can advertise in the mall, at a local concert and also a local community event, all at once. This increases the value of their ad spend and the ability to reach more customers. Additionally, any merchant in the mall can utilize our network at deep discounts to increase traffic to their mall store. Essentially, we increase traffic to your mall locations.

New Clients

The initial advertising campaign is designed to attract new clients. Creating clever ads that are strategically placed in high traffic areas allows our sales team to gain and manage all new incoming calls. Malls and store locations don’t have to answer incoming calls or inquiries about marketing or marketing strategies. 

Additionally, we manage all graphics, customer support, follow-up calls and expand the clients add into a network for maximum results. This assures that they continue advertising in your location. 

2 Minutes to Assemble

Our banners are easy to setup and are light weight, durable and easy to ship. We send them to your location. It takes about 2 minutes to setup and less to take down. 

Profit Sharing: We send 75% of all sales revenue to your location for each advertisement sold. 

We will ultimately help you generate more revenue due to the long running marketing campaigns. oOHFLex offers a bundled package that provides a larger reach. Satisfied clients that get bigger results tend to advertise longer. 

Partner Profit

Now you can have your own dedicated sales, marketing and customer support team for advertising. Our team becomes your nationwide advertising team. Except for each week, oOHFLex pays you for floor space at your locations.

We manage incoming calls, the sales process, advertising design, banner setups, customer support, follow up calls,  location shipping, returns and customer advertising strategies. We sell more ads due to our expanding network of locations for clients.