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oOHFlex partnerships are profitable and simple.

We have the flexible billboards,
a grounds team and we manage the billboard setup, removal 
and storage when the event ends

oOHFlex.Com partners with printers, marketing agencies, and schools as well as promotional companies. 

Printers, Sign Companies

OohFlex is NOT a printing company.  For promotional and advertising purposes, we only place what the print companies make. That’s why print companies are our best partners.  

Your customers are printing banners because they want them to be seen. With hundreds of events each year and over a million people, we can help them achieve this goal. 

Let’s discuss the best way to help you sell more print items and how to expand your customer’s visibility. They will thank you and we will help you increase revenue for each ad placed. 

School and College Partners

OohFlex provides a very simple fundraising solution for high school and college sports. The flexibility of our banners allows us to deliver sponsorship opportunities to any sporting event and remove those banners when the event ends. Our sponsors are looking to place sturdy banners that represent their brand and target their customers.

All Banners are approved by the school prior to placement.  Our team will manage the sponsorship sale, placement of the banners before the event and removal when the event ends. Each banner can stand about 5 ft tall and are about 3 ft wide. They are placed at entrances, check-in tables or when placed on anchored flags, they are secured anywhere they are approved for the entire sporting event. 

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