We offer our clients the best in...

Branding, Marketing & Social Media Engagement

From logo to launch, OohFlex can help brand and promote your business to hundreds of thousands of potential clients in targeted markets. Each campaign is uniquely launched to increase your brand awareness and customer engagement. 

We offer additional services as needed when it comes to app design, logo development, website setup, e-stores, brand placement and so much more. Use our one stop marketing team to sponsor multiple events monthly, quarterly or year round. 

Everything you need to promote your brand and create customer engagement


350,00 Plus Events

Your brand where people engage

Outdoor Voice Inside

Indoor mobile billboards and branding

Geo Targeted Marketing

Local, Regional Nationwide campaigns

Billboards don't talk, we do

Brand Ambassador engagement


Measureable Results

Each event returns measurable results

Grab Bag Stuffing

Your items, distributed to thousands

Flexible Moving Media

Your ads are on the move not the wall

Video Marketing & Tv Commericals

Videos, TV shows and your brand

Film Product Placements

Product mentions and placements

Brand Ambassadors

Walking, talking, billboards 

Photo Booth & Social Tags

Event photos with your logo

Stand Up Cutouts

Life sized celebs and your brand

Web Design

Website, landing page or estore store

Web App

Mobile is 70% of all search!

Logo Design

Logo branding goes on everything

Concert Promotion

Engage with thousands of active buyers

Increase eCommerce awareness

Sharing samples and coupons


Naming Rights

Major events named after your brand