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OohFlex works through a network of ticket systems to sell tickets for your event. Our network of buyers is moved by you offering a simple discount on the tickets being sold. You can decide what to offer. Each ticket sale will result in a 50/50 revenue share to that we share with our ticket partners. The remaining 50% comes back to you. In working with us, you will gain new event attendees that would otherwise not know about your event. It’s a win/win for everyone.

Additionally, we have a promotional division that will help market your event by offering a potential event goer a chance to win a discount or free ticket to your event. Each person will engage with our app system by playing a game for a chance to win a free ticket(s). You decide the giveaways. At the minimum, they will receive a coupon to purchase discount tickets ($1 off, BOGO etc.) to your event. You set the limits and offers.

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